Course Types

Instructor-led Online



Public Private Public Private On-site Self-study
Online Presentation Web Conference
Instructor YES YES YES YES YES NO YES Multiple Speakers
Food provided NO NO TBD NO NO NO
Typical group size     TBD up to 50
Completion Certificates NobleProg Certificate Self-study Certificate NO YES
Content as published customised as published customised customised as published compact version of course outline specific agenda
Participants from one organisation only NO YES NO YES YES YES NO NO
Training Computer  with Software Provided YES* YES* YES YES TBD YES NO NO
Participants perform exercises YES YES YES YES YES YES NO NO
Participant physical location Anywhere NobleProg Classroom Client Premises Anywhere Anywhere Anywhere

* In the case of Remote courses, you will need a computer to video-conference with the trainer. The training environment and software will be provided by NobleProg.



Type Explanations

The instructor and the delegates are in one physical location (classroom provided by NobleProg)

Public Guaranteed
The delegates who booked the course are guaranteed that the course will not be moved or cancelled by NobleProg.
The course will be organised; even for one delegate.

Public Standby

We organise the course provided enough people have booked, if not, we will try to organise it at a later date. 

(Instructor-led Online)
The instructor and the delegates are in two different physical locations and communicate via the Internet
Customised Course topics are agreed between the client and the trainer. 

Private (Closed)
Delegates are from one organisation only.
No external delegates are allowed.

There is no live instructor involved.
The delegates use recorded video, quizzes and reading at their own convenience.


Instructor-led course types

In addition to types above, all instructor-led courses can be delivered in different ways

Type Time


7:00am to 10:30am

Working-hours (default)

9:30am to 4:30pm


6:00pm to 9:30pm  



9:30am to 4:30pm

courses longer than 2 days are split between weekends