NobleProg FAQ

Q: What are Online Instructor-led courses?

Please find more information here: Instructor-led Online Courses >>


Q: Do you provide classroom courses?

Yes, we do provide them in Europe at the moment.

However, we can organize instructor-led online courses worldwide.


Q: What is a typical duration of a session?

From 7 to 40 hours with breaks. Usually one day training lasts 7-8 hours.

However, we can organize the training as flexible as much as you wish.

For example, we can split one day training into two sessions (4 hours each) with intervals.


Q: How many people can participate in the course?

It depends. Usually all courses contain some sort of hands-on exercises. 

The trainer can control up to 6 people doing exercises, looking at their screens and help them when they need help

If the course is more like a lecture or a seminar, then we can have up to 12 people or more. 

In this case, doing exercises in such case could be a bit difficult.


Q: What is the orgin of our trainers and do trainers have an accent?

It depends. At the moment most of our trainers come from the United Kingdom and Europe. 

We do realize that it might be problematic in some cases.

So, if there are doubts, we usually arange short conversation between the trainer and the delegate(s)  in order to check whether they can understand each other easily.

It is possible to change the trainer after the first session if client is not completely satisfied with them.

Some of our clients