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R Programming Language, R Software Environment for statistical computing and graphics

R Course Outlines

ID Name Duration Overview
85063 Training Neural Network in R 14 hours This course is an introduction to applying neural networks in real world problems using R-project software.
1366 Market Forecasting 14 hours Audience This course has been created for analysts, forecasters wanting to introduce or improve forecasting which can...
2623 Marketing Analytics using R 21 hours Audience: Business owners (marketing managers, product managers, customer base managers) and their teams; customer...
1841 Introduction to R 21 hours Forecasters, statisticians, managers, analysts who want to use R software http://www.r-project.org/ . It shows you how...
2202 R for Data Analysis and Research 7 hours Audience managers developers scientists students Format of the course on-line instruction and discussion OR face-to-...
2642 Forecasting with R 14 hours This course allows delegate to fully automate the process of forecasting with R

Course Discounts

Course Venue Course Date Course Price [Remote/Classroom]
People and Team Management Madrid Tue, 2014-11-25 09:30 2960EUR / 4210EUR

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