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2455 SharePoint Introduction 2013 28 hours This course will provides a comprehensive introduction to SharePoint 2013. It will provide guidelines on how to create and manage multiple SharePoint sites and how to allow users to aggregate and present data across the enterprise. This course is aimed at anyone who works with, administers or deploys SharePoint within an organisation and is recommended for those who are looking to develop or manage SharePoint applications. Introduction Solving information pain points with SharePoint Building applications with the browser Exploiting SharePoint in your organisation Managing, organising and presenting information Information and Websites Grouping websites into site collections Matching the correct template for your website Building logical navigation Managing your projects with the project site Sharing insights with the blog site Site configuration and settings Applying style and branding to your site Administering site settings Apps and Pages Distinguishing between wiki pages and Web Part pages Creating and editing site pages Combining site information on a centralised dashboard page Displaying master detail relationships Tailoring pages for different users Building page functionality into your site with SharePoint apps Aggregating content Rolling up content across your sites using the Content Query Web Part Rolling up information across your enterprise with the Content Search Web Part Website Security Managing access Implementing access request workflows Defining permission levels Simplifying security management with SharePoint groups Streamlining security with inheritance Creating and customising SharePoint groups Breaking and re-establishing inheritance Enterprise Content Defining content types Centralising metadata with site columns Defining information records Standardising content with templates Creating organisation-wide metadata Centralising metadata for reuse across sites and the enterprise Establishing external content types Building Line-of-Business (LOB) applications Architecting "no code" composition applications Updating LOB databases with external content types Business Process Workflows Leveraging out-of-the-box workflows Approval Collect feedback Collect signatures Creating custom workflows with SharePoint Designer Defining conditions, actions and stages Capturing workflow data with custom forms Site Content with Apps Controlling information with the list app Creating lists and list templates Adding, deleting and changing content Categorising and identifying information with metadata Filtering and targeting information with views Administering office documents with libraries Tracking and managing versions Restricting editing access with checkout Selecting the appropriate library template for your document Approval processing Integrating Office with SharePoint Tagging documents with metadata using the Document Information Panel Utilising Outlook and working offline Concurrent coauthoring with Word and PowerPoint Excel and Word integration
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