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What would you suggest the trainer could do to improve this?

Training was excelent. Nothing to improve, just keep the good work

What did you like the most about the training?

Clear when explaining the topics on the training and the amount and quality of the practical exercices.

Manuel Ruiz Santiago - RRDonnelley GDS

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Duration Duration

14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)

Requirements Requirements

  • Computer literacy
  • Knowledge of any operating system

Overview Overview

  • How to build a query?
  • What opportunities has the SQL in a MySQL database?
  • What is a relational database?
  • What is the structure and SQL commands?

Course Outline Course Outline

Relational database models

  • Relational operators
  • Characteristics of declarative SQL language
  • SQL syntax
  • Division language DQL, DML, DDL, DCL

Data Query Language

  • SELECT queries.
  • Aliases columns of tables
  • Service date (DATE types, display functions, formatting)
  • Group Features
  • Combining internal and external tables (JOIN clause)
  • UNION operator
  • Nested Subqueries (the WHERE clause, the table name, column name)
  • Correlated subqueries

Data Modification Language

  • Inserting rows (INSERT clause)
  • Inserting rows by request
  • Variation of the rows (UPDATE)
  • Delete rows (DELETE)

Data Definition Language

  • Creating, altering and dropping objects (CREATE, ALTER, DROP)
  • Creating tables using subquery (CREATE TABLE .... AS SELECT...)


  • Options NULL and NOT NULL
  • CONSTRAINT clause
  • ENUM type
  • type SET
  • PRIMARY KEY condition
  • UNIQUE condition
  • FOREIGN KEY condition
  • DEFAULT clause



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