Data Analytics With R Training Course

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Duration Duration

21 hours (usually 3 days including breaks)

Requirements Requirements

  • Basic programming background is preferred


Overview Overview

R is a very popular, open source environment for statistical computing, data analytics and graphics. This course introduces R programming language to students.  It covers language fundamentals, libraries and advanced concepts.  Advanced data analytics and graphing with real world data.


Developers / data analytics


3 days


Lectures and Hands-on

Course Outline Course Outline

  • Day One: Language Basics
    • Course Introduction
    • About Data Science
      • Data Science Definition
      • Process of Doing Data Science.
    • Introducing R Language
    • Variables and Types
    • Control Structures (Loops / Conditionals)
    • R Scalars, Vectors, and Matrices
      • Defining R Vectors
      • Matricies
    • String and Text Manipulation
      • Character data type
      • File IO
    • Lists
    • Functions
      • Introducing Functions
      • Closures
      • lapply/sapply functions
    • DataFrames
    • Labs for all sections
  • Day Two: Intermediate R Programming
    • DataFrames and File I/O
    • Reading data from files
    • Data Preparation
    • Built-in Datasets
    • Visualization
      • Graphics Package
      • plot() / barplot() / hist() / boxplot() / scatter plot
      • Heat Map
      • ggplot2 package ( qplot(), ggplot())
    • Exploration With Dplyr
    • Labs for all sections
  • Day 3: Advanced Programming With R
    • Statistical Modeling With R
      • Statistical Functions
      • Dealing With NA
      • Distributions (Binomial, Poisson, Normal)
    • Regression
      • Introducing Linear Regressions
    • Recommendations
    • Text Processing (tm package / Wordclouds)
    • Clustering
      • Introduction to Clustering
      • KMeans
    • Classification
      • Introduction to Classification
      • Naive Bayes
      • Decision Trees
      • Training using caret package
      • Evaluating Algorithms
    • R and Big Data
      • Connecting R to databases
      • Big Data Ecosystem
    • Labs for all sections

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Public Classroom Public Classroom
From $8200
Public Classroom
Participants from multiple organisations. Topics usually cannot be customised
Private Classroom
Participants are from one organisation only. No external participants are allowed. Usually customised to a specific group, course topics are agreed between the client and the trainer.
Private Remote
The instructor and the participants are in two different physical locations and communicate via the Internet. More Information

The more delegates, the greater the savings per delegate. Table reflects price per delegate and is used for illustration purposes only, actual prices may differ.

Number of Delegates Public Classroom Private Remote
1 $8200 $4550
2 $4645 $2770
3 $3460 $2177
4 $2868 $1880
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