Drupal 8 for Developers Training Course

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Duration Duration

14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)

Requirements Requirements

Drupal user knowledge, basic PHP or any other procedural language (like C, VB or other) required

Overview Overview

This course has been created for developers, architects, project managers interested in developing with Drupal 8 platform.

The participants will learn how to override existing functionality and how to write deployable modules.

Course Outline Course Outline

What is New in Drupal 8

  • Changes in internal systems and APIs

Handling HTTP Requests

  • Symfony HTTP request system

Cache in Drupal

  • Examples of cached information
  • Cache API in Drupal
  • Clearing caches
  • Tagging mechanism

Automatic Class Loading

  • Drupal 8 Specific Way
  • Dirs and namespaces

Drupal Rules, Programming

  • Alterability
  • Hooks
  • Plugins
  • Dependency Injection
  • Routing
  • Links
  • Module Themeable, Output
  • Separation of: Content, Configuration, State Data
  • i18n (internationalization)
  • Accessibility, Usability
  • DB Independency (database)
  • Security (all user-provided input is insecure)
  • Tests, Documentation

Drupal Mistakes, Programming

  • Programming Too Much
  • Over-Executing Code
  • Saving PHP Code in the Database
  • Alternatives for php code in db
  • Working Alone

Programming Examples

  • Registering for URLs and Displaying Content
  • Using the Drupal Form API
  • Programming with Ajax
  • Programming with Entities and Fields


  • Theming Engines
  • Twig template files and variables
  • Preprocess functions
  • CSS and JS inclusion

Programming Tools and Tips 

Bookings, Prices and Enquiries

Guaranteed to run even with a single delegate!
Public Classroom Public Classroom
From $4890
Public Classroom
Participants from multiple organisations. Topics usually cannot be customised
Private Classroom
Participants are from one organisation only. No external participants are allowed. Usually customised to a specific group, course topics are agreed between the client and the trainer.
Private Remote
The instructor and the participants are in two different physical locations and communicate via the Internet. More Information

The more delegates, the greater the savings per delegate. Table reflects price per delegate and is used for illustration purposes only, actual prices may differ.

Number of Delegates Public Classroom Private Remote
1 $4890 $3590
2 $2745 $2045
3 $2030 $1530
4 $1673 $1273
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