Intermediate Unix Training Course

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21 hours (usually 3 days including breaks)




This course aims to provide its participants with all the necessary tools to acquire the intermediate skills about the Linux operating system, so that they can edit, manage and structure the program in the way that is most convenient for their organization. with a thorough intermediate knowledge of the operation of the system.

Course Outline


  • Recap the basics
  • History of Unix
  • Unique features of Unix
  • Login & Logout
  • The structure of Unix

The Shells

  • sh, ksh, csh, bash
  • The command line
  • Running commands
  • File wildcards
  • Aliases
  • Command substitution
  • Shell variables
  • Special shell variables
  • Command history
  • Input and Output
  • stdin, stdout, stderr
  • redirecting output, errors, input
  • combining output
  • Pipes & filters

Editing in Unix

  • Unix editors genealogy
  • Ed, ex, vi and emacs
  • vi tutorial
  • emacs (optional)

Unix Files

  • The file system
  • File names and extensions
  • Directories
  • Moving around directories
  • Files - where are things?
  • File devices
  • Listing files
  • Looking at file contents
  • Manipulating files
  • Finding files
  • Comparing files

Unix Processes

  • What are Processes?
  • Viewing Processes
  • ps and top
  • signals & kill
  • Controlling Jobs
  • Scheduling

Unix tools

  • Filters & tools
  • cat, tee, grep
  • Regular expressions
  • tr, cut, sort, uniq
  • sed and awk
  • od, strings

Unix Shell Scripts

  • The basics
  • Comments
  • Creating output
  • Interactive input
  • I/O
  • Script arguments
  • Special variables
  • Permissions & PATH
  • Return codes
  • Conditional tests
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • The case command
  • Shell functions
  • Options
  • Debugging

Unix Networking

  • TCP/IP
  • Generic Applications
  • FTP
  • telnet
  • The "r" commands

System Administration

  • A brief introduction


  • Opportunity for review, final questions and further hands-on


Hands-On includes:

  • Logging in and out
  • Using the Unix shell
  • Starting stopping and managing processes
  • Creating files with vi
  • Managing files and directories
  • Creating shell scripts
  • Using network tools

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