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flex4lcds3 Flex 4 and LiveCycle Data Services 3 14 hours This training course is aimed at Developers wishing to extend their Flex knowledge using LiveCycle Data Services in Flex applications. It is a comprehensive 2 day in using LiveCycle Data Services 3 with the Adobe Flex 4 framework. Emphasized topics will include: Messaging, remoting, and web services Performance profiling and unit testing Client-side data manipulation Model-driven development using the Fiber Framework and Flash Builder 4 Introduction Course format Reviewing the course prerequisites Reviewing the course outline Accessing Web Services Using web services Process for calling web services Invoking web service methods and using the results Invoking the methods on a web service Understanding ArrayCollection class results Using web service results Handling results using an event handler Using the results event handler Handling faults Creating fault event handlers Displaying faults with an Alert pop-up Calling multiple methods from the same WebService object Using the <s:operation> tag Passing parameters to web services Passing parameters to a web service explicitly Passing parameters to a web service using parameter binding Using Remote Object Connections Introducing LCDS / BlazeDS Surveying the LCDS feature set Introducing BlazeDS Compare and contrast LCDS and Blaze DS Understanding the Remoting Service The Remoting Service and AMF Configuring a Remoting Service destination Using <s:RemoteObject> Accessing data from a remote method Handling RPC events Handling successful remote calls Handling faults in remote calls Complex remote method calls Handling events of multiple methods Passing parameters Type conversion during data transfer between ActionScript and Java Converting data from Java to ActionScript Converting data from ActionScript to Java Converting custom object types Managing RemoteObject events using AsyncToken Understanding dynamic classes Remoting Service Runtime Configuration Selecting a channel at runtime Managing Data on the Client Understanding collection classes Collection features Collection interfaces Specific collection classes Filtering data on the client Creating the filter function Using the function Sorting data on the client Understanding the sort classes Process for sorting data Simple sorting example Complex sorting example Using the IViewCursor interface Cursor operations Creating and using the cursor Code examples Using the Message Service Introducing the message service Creating a messaging destination Sending messages Creating a messaging producer Using the AsyncMessage class Tracing message traffic Receiving and processing messages Creating a messaging consumer Subscribing and unsubscribing to a destination Receiving messages Sending and receiving complex data Implementing message filtering Using selectors Using subtopics Using Flash Builder Development Tools Using logging Logging on the client Running the debugger Using breakpoints Introducing the profiler Introducing Flash Player garbage collection Profiling an application Using memory profiling Monitoring Flex RPC network traffic Using the Network Monitor Developing Applications Using Model Driven Development Introducing model driven development using LCDS 3 LCDS model driven development benefits Comparing code- and model-driven development Preparing to use model driven development Setup details Creating and using the data model Table joins representation in the model Modeling language Editing generated ActionScript value objects Flash Builder functionality for MDD Adding properties to the model Creating a derived property Updating changes to the database schema Creating a method to calculate a derived property Using styles in a form Implementing validation through styles Using styles to change other form behaviors Using global styles Filtering returned data Implementing a filter Implementing Advanced Model Driven Development Techniques Creating conditional properties with variants Implementing the variant in Flash Builder Selector expression Case Substructure Using resource bundles for localization Creating property files Compiling resources into the application Selecting a locale Altering the form generator template Extracting the client-side templates Generating the server side Java
apacheflex Getting started with Apache Flex 14 hours Apache Flex is a free, open source framework for building interactive web applications that work across different operating systems, devices, and browsers. In this course, participants will learn how to get started with Apache Flex by building a real-world web application. Audience Web developers / web programmers Designers wishing to become programmers Format of the course Course will be hands-on and tasked-based Introduction Flex SDK, Flex Builder and Flex Data Services The MVC framework in Flex Introduction to MXML and Action script Creating your first a User Interface (UI) Setting up your IDE for productivity Adding controls and containers Using styles and themes to define your visual design Handling events in Flex Understanding event flow Event handlers and classes Programming with ActionScript Object Oriented Programming with ActionScript Defining and extending classes Defining and connecting to data services Sending and retrieving data to and from remote sources Validating data Integrating with server backends Java™, Spring, Hibernate, PHP, Ruby, .NET, Adobe ColdFusion, SAP Using REST, SOAP, JSON, JMS, and AMF Testing your application Working with the automation testing framework Compiling your application Compiling MXML (layout) with ActionScript files to output your SWF application Publishing your application Taking your application to the desktop with Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) Closing remarks  

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