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Code Name Duration Overview
3626 Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 hours Program General Settings Introduction General settings General features of the program main selection menu Setting the workspace Histogram Layer principle of operation underlay the creation of layers the text in the image Basic raster file formats what are the pixels the issue of resolution. file formats. image quality and file size preparation for the Internet preparation of photolab Photo Correction brightness / contrast and shadows / highlights removal of undesirable color color variations hue and saturation replace color Cropping principles of composition crop image discarding unwanted items adjust the paper size sharpen Tools brushes local brighter or darker image cloning selection method SETUP FILE FORMATS internet formats: GIF, PNG storing of the logo using transparency on the www site or photoblog notch product from the background camera file formats (cliche): RAW Adobe Camera RAW why use RAW format? PRACTICE retouch portraits staff portraits what to look for creating photo portraits folding panorama depth of field black and white photo the use of gradients picture in sepia Red-eye reduction
pinstd17 Pinnacle Studio 17 21 hours Pinnacle Studio 17 Pro is a versatile digital production bundle. It’s popularity makes it the choice for small studios, which aim for high quality productions for Internet, TV broadcasting and DVD/BlueRay publications. This basic training course is intended for beginners. It will not only explain how to use the software, but also focus on video editing principles and procedures that can be applied to any film or TV production. Course participants will work with high-end HD footage prepared by professional film studios. 1. Introduction and digital video production principles Video production step by step Understanding footage, scenes, shots and clips Short introduction to video formats Short introduction to audio formats 2. Introduction to Pinnacle Studio 17 Video production in PS17 procedures step by step A walk through interface Organize, Edit and Author sections explanation Importing, previewing and organising media for your first project Organising tips and tricks 3. Editing your first digital video project Previewing and selecting right footage in Source Mode Marking shot for editing with In and Out points Understanding Tracks and Timeline 4. Making scenes from shots Action axis Moving clips around the scene Adjusting clips by trimming the edits Creating new edits by cutting the clips on Timeline Adjusting edits with Roll and Ripple operations 5. Giving the scene some kick Synchronising edits with sound cues Understanding transitions Applying and editing transitions on edits Frame-perfect trims with trim Tool Using markers to make editing more pleasant 6. Advanced scenes editing Understanding Multi-cam editing Synchronising multi-cam footage tips and tricks 7. Working with sound Understanding audio in PS17 Mixing and adjusting audio in timeline Working with levels and pan Fixing the sound 8. Exporting footage for emission Understanding video rendering Exporting for Internet procedures Exporting for DVD / BlueRay procedures Exporting for TV stations procedures 9. Producing interactive menus for DVD and BlueRay 10. PS17 Tips, tricks and some simple special effects
appe Adobe Photoshop - photo edition 21 hours We invite you to take part in a course devoted to image processing using Adobe Photoshop. The course is aimed at those who want to learn how to "fight" with the colors, how to "save" the image to prepare them for the show, how to do the editing, retouching, collage, how to use the RAW format ... We will show how you can fine-tune shots so that they drawn from the best. We will discuss all the tools at work photo editor. You will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge illustrated dozens of examples and preserve it in the form of exercises performed under the care of the teacher. In addition, you can access the prepared materials. Benefit from the experience of experts to save time avoiding random walk. Class I - BASIC Introduction, overview of the interface Basic bitmap graphics, issue resolution raster image building Basic functions, resize, resolution, cropping, rotating File types and extensions graphics The basic color correction Tools to blur and sharpen Class II - Color Color theory, color models, color temperature calibration issue Tool selection and their settings, working with selections Methods for conversion to grayscale tone Correction color Correction The effects of color, creativity in color Prepare a file to call Class III - LAYER Layer operations, the practical application of layers The philosophy of working with Alpha channel Class IV - MASKS AND PATHWAYS Operations on masks Create paths Cut shapes from the background Class V - Retouch Retouch photos, remove unwanted elements and defects Retouch photos in different types of Glamour Retouch (digital make-up) Correction of figures Creative Retouch Class VI - FILTERS AND EFFECTS Basics of working with text FX effects Using filters, the creative use of Modes of diffusion layers Using adjustment layers Styling photos on popular styles Class VII - ASSEMBLY Combining multiple images, move layers between documents Multilayer assemblies using masks Artists' brushes, frames Digital collage Repetition test Class VIII - ATN, RAW and HDR ... Automate tasks, actions, batch processing Most plug-ins extend the capabilities of Photoshop short presentation software Lightroom, Photoshop Essentials and other Operation of the Adobe Bridge file browser Operation and function of Camera RAW, RAW file recall HDR - to produce images with a wide tonal range
dtp DTP (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat) 35 hours What you will learn during the training: principles of creating computer graphics and desktop publishing ways of defining and working with color differences between vector and bitmap graphics ways to customize color photos and graphics principles of retouching and creating photomontages create your own illustrations and graphics entrusted to adapt to the needs of graphic material composition and printing how the logo and logos create interesting charts and tables create business cards and letterhead creating labels, diplomas, invitations preparation of leaflets, banners print preparation and billboards how to format text creating style sheets and formatting styles use of additional colors principles of preparing to print publication digital printing, offset printing, solvent Photoshop Basics of building a computer image Photoshop Tools Document size Selection and marking Path - Create and edit paths Retouch Palette, History Layers and work with them Transformations Adjust photos - color and tonal correction Color correction - examples The text and work with text Print, Save Illustrator The rules for creating vector graphics Shapes Vector Paths Transformations Working with Color Working with Text Creating tables and charts Filters and Effects Working with bitmap graphics Prepare simple documents Print InDesign Preparing an InDesign document Screen InDesign Working with Text Working with graphics Style Sheets Working with Color The composition of publication Printing and preparation for exposure Acrobat PostScript Preview Edit PDF files
tgapai Graphic techniques (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator) 28 hours You will learn: to create computer graphics how to make photos look better the rules of retouching and creating photomontages how to prepare logos, charts, tables and illustrations ho to prepare business cards, simple advertising, billboard and leaflets basis of preparation your graphics for print and Web applications Sample topics: my poster portrait space my catalog my face billboard my logo Photoshop Basics of building the image and color models Scanning Adjusting the color images Retouching and modifications Photomontages Formats, recording and optimization of graphics Illustrator Create illustrations, logos, Execution and printing business cards Prepare a simple leaflet Graphs and tables - attractive presentation of data

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