Cursos de formación a distancia (Dirigida por un instructor)

Instructor-led Online Training Courses

Remote training courses (Live Instructor-led online) are taught by an instructor one-to-one or with a small number of people.

Participants and the trainer interact with each using virtual desktops and video calls.

Most courses are exactly the same as their classroom equivalent, including the course duration, content and student materials.

The course materials are sent to you in advance. To participate on the day of the class, all you need is a broadband Internet connection.

In the case of computer courses, each participant has their own remote desktop where they can perform exercises with the assistance of the trainer.

It is a very efficient way of teaching as well as being cost effective.


What do I need?


  • computer with reliable internet connection (min 2Mbit/s download and 256kbit/s upload)
  • Skype or any other communicator
  • VNC client or a web browser with JavaVM enabled (Firefox 38.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 11 or higher)


  • a webcam
  • good quality head-set
  • big monitor or second monitor
  • quiet place, free from external disturbance and noise


Description of Instructor-led Online Training Courses



See also instruction how to configure and test the environment >>

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