Course Outline


  • Why web analytics?
  • Adobe Analytics vs Google Analytics
  • Overview of Adobe Analytics Features and Architecture

Getting Started with Adobe Analytics

  • Navigating the UI
  • Understanding Analysis Workspace, reports, dashboards, tools, etc.
  • How Adobe collects data from website visitors

Working with Reports

  • Using Report Builder
  • Creating a report for mobile, video, path, visitor profile, retention, etc.
  • Interpreting a report

Working with Metrics

  • Understanding the terms and metrics
  • Understanding conversion and traffic variables

Managing a Campaign

  • Setting up a campaign
  • Tracking a campaign
  • Set targets and alerts

Analyzing Site Performance

  • Understanding visitor behavior
  • Visitor acquisition
  • Visitor identification
  • Visitor segmentation
  • Reviwing conversion funnels
  • Measuring channel performance

Collaborating with Others

  • Creating an engaging dashboard
  • Sharing a dashboard
  • Optimizing reports and visualizations for effective decision-making

Integrating with Excel

  • Using Report Builder to move data


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of web analytics concepts
  • Experience with Google Analytics is helpful but not necessary


  • Analysts
  • Marketers
 14 Hours

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