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Java Spring

chances to play with code during exercises (not only coding, what trainer prepared)


Excel Advanced

Possibility to ask various questions and real life solutions to them.

Magdalena Wojtas - UBS Business Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o.

Angular 2 Fundamentals

He knows perfectly the subject


Applying SysML with MAGICDRAW

Instructor was very engaged and helpful

Tom Davis - Lockheed Martin Australia

Web Services Basics for Non-Programmers

It was 100% tailored to our needs. We started at a zero level and now we are able to understand WSDL files and use them for our job.

Gosia Ciszewska - The Highland Council

Business Process Modeling using BPMN and UML

The exercises and examples.

Natalia Rodríguez Uclés - skyguide

Excel Advanced

Kamil was great at handling our idiosyncrancies and responding to specific needs from people at various skill levels.

Brian Pishko - APM Terminals B.V.

Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop

Trainer give reallive Examples

Simon Hahn - OPITZ CONSULTING Deutschland GmbH

Business Process Modelling in BPMN 2.0

Alain applied the notation to real world situations, enabling us to grasp BPMN concepts more readily.

Louis Tominack II - NT Concepts

Exam preparation: IREB CPRE foundation

What did you like the most about the training?:

Real life examples and the trainer`s style made the training more frequent.

The trainer had a very good knowledge about the subject.

Thank you both trainging providers and trainer for this training. I've learnt lot about RE especially what i need at my job.


Solr for Developers

He is provided great example for each topic

Onoriode Ikede - Government of Prince Edward Island

Introduction to R

What did you like the most about the training?:

Able to do hands-on and get help from trainer on how to go about working on difficult questions.

Faeiza Ab Rahman - Seagate Singapore International Headquarters Pte. Ltd

Cassandra for Developers

All technical explanation and theoretical introduction

André Santos - Farfetch Portugal - Unipessoal, Lda

OpenLDAP Workshop

The trainer was very knowledgeable but again, the course it not very well structured.

Alejandro Flores - Sandia National Laboratories

Online Marketing and Social Media

Knowing about persona and how to increasing our SEO

Afiana Yuliasari - HECC Sp. z o.o.

Adobe InDesign

I liked the part the most where we learnt how to create objects.

Eva Delafontaine - Syngenta Crop Protection AG

Systems Modelling with SysML

Training was well divided between theory and exercises.

Brembo S.p.A.

Beyond the relational database: neo4j

Flexibility to blend in with Autodata related details to get more of a real world scenario as we went on.

Autodata Ltd

Ubuntu Server Overview

The way the shared desktop worked

Jo Parker - University of Chichester; University of Chichester

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel - Introduction to programming


Anna Szumniak - UBS Business Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o.

Excel Advanced

What did you like the most about the training?:

The training pace and kindness of the Trainer. Very interesting training.

Sonya Robbe - Celgene Management SarL

Test Automation with Selenium

Small group, 1 on 1 attention. Felt comfortable asking questions.

Jaeanne St. Pierre - CVS Health

Javascript Basics

Nice & compentent Trainer, Good english! very well to understand.

Thorsten Müller - Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

Jenkins: Continuous integration for Agile development

Real-world developer experience

Ian Cranston - Compuware Software Group Pty. Ltd.

Power BI

the trainer was open to answer questions and provide solutions to our real examples.

British American Shared Services Europe

JMeter Fundamentals

What did you like the most about the training?

Learning about assertions and recording.

Terry Hutchens - JMcLane Co. Inc.

Redis for Administrators

knowledge of the trainer


Introduction to Domain Driven Design

The interaction of the group to solve the issues

Evan O'Gorman - Fleetmatics Ireland Limited

Semantic Web Overview

He was interactive

Suraj - PointCross

Managing Configuration with Ansible

very good examples, explanations and up to date information regarding this technology

Alin Daniel Constantin - Metrosystems

Corporate Governance

Vajitha was engaging, very knowledgeable, clear and prepared

Cécile McNeil - Canadian Glycomics Network

Symfony2 - enterprise web framework

What did you like the most about the training?:

It was very comfortable, the pace was solid, I was able to ask questions, discuss technical aspects and implementations, and most importantly, the trainer, when uncertain, went away and investigated, before answering the following day.

I was very happy with the training session, and very happy with my trainer.

Dan Lagrue - QA Ltd

Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter

Teacher has decent expereince wiht JMter and explains concepts clearly and answers questions even outside of the course patiently...was also able to tune the course based on my already exposed to Jemter and Java background.

Pudur Ramaswamy

Neural Networks Fundamentals using TensorFlow as Example

Very good all round overview.Good background into why Tensorflow operates as it does.


Agile Project Management with Scrum

I liked Francesco's style - he was knowledgeable and approachable.

Richard Sandell -

Advanced Network Troubleshooting Using Wireshark

The network forensics portion to identify unusual network traffic and possible attacks through investigation of pcap files.


Introducing C# 6.0 with Visual Studio 2015/2017

Workshop approach

Mateusz Juszczak - SOFTRONIC Sp. z o.o.

Python Programming

Very good approach to memorize/repeat the key topics. Very nice "warm-up" exercises.

Introducing C# 6.0 with Visual Studio 2015/2017

Practical exercises

Marcin Kocikowski - SOFTRONIC Sp. z o.o.

Market Forecasting

Real-world, practical application of statistical modeling; keeping theory at bay and business needs in the forefront.

Thanks Bernard and Iza. It was a very good course and I appreciate your work.

Shelly Kunkle - Michelin, North America

Partnerships and certifications

OMG-Certified Expert in BPM 2 (OCEB2)

"The OCEB™ program - OMG-Certified Expert in BPM - consists of five examinations, granting five Certifications. Above the single Fundamental level, the program splits into two tracks - one Business-oriented , the other Technically oriented."

NobleProg has official OMG OCEB 2 Content Developer status, which means that our course outlines and training materials were developed by the same experts who prepared questions for OCEB 2 exams.

More information:

OMG Certified UML Professional (OCUP)


"OMG created OCUP to provide a certification, an objective indication, of your knowledge of UML, OMG's Unified Modelling Language.

This will benefit you by giving you an important credential to present to employers and clients. It also benefits companies looking for skilled UML practitioners like you, by giving them a basis for making hiring and promotion decisions."


OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP)

If you're a Systems Engineer, or making a hiring decision, or awarding a promotion or a raise, and if your company sells engineering services to clients on contract, OCSMP Certification at a suitable level represents a significant credential that differentiates you from your peers. Your superiors will think of you when they assign responsibility for projects based on MBSE, and when they make decisions on promotion or compensation.


As a Signavio Consulting and Training Parter we are helping people to utilize the power of BPMN 2.0 with online editor Signavio.

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