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Nobleprog provides excellent set of programs and sessions for startups and corporates to understand how they can start implementing and using blockchain for their benefits, with different use cases that are specific to developers, or fiscal entities or simply entrepreneurs and product managers based on the type of request. Here are some of the blockchain courses being offered at NobleProg.

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Blockchain for Developers

Really loved the knowledge and mode of interaction

Deepak - EYGBS (India) Private Limited

Blockchain for Developers

Mode of interaction

Deepak Gupta - EYGBS (India) Private Limited

Blockchain Course Outlines

Code Name Duration Overview
blockchaintelecom Blockchain for Telecom 7 hours Blockchain is a technology for building decentralized systems. For Telecom providers, this technology could open the door for improved service offerings in areas such billing and fraud detection, to name just two. In this course we examine the core principles behind Blockchain technology and gain an understanding of its overall architecture and functionality. Throughout the course, we examine Blockchain technology's specific applications within the Telecom industry. Some scenarios are more developed than others, but in all cases, the potential of using this technology is realistic and practical. Audience     Business and technical managers in the Telecom industry Format of the course     Part lecture, part discussion, hands-on exercises Introduction     Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain technology as a breakthrough across all industries     The looming challenge that all Telecoms face Overview of the Blockchain landscape     History and Background     Companies using Blockchain Blockchain usage     Payment systems     Cryptocurrencies     Royalty collection Cryptocurrency security     Bitcoin pseudo-anonymity     Security measures     Wallet backup and restore Mining and transactions     Digital assets     Distributed ledgers     Networks and nodes     Cryptography     Proof and distributed consensus     Pools and scripting Centralised vs. decentralised blockchains     Centralised blockchain     Decentralised blockchain Use cases and opportunities for Telecom providers     Verification of outgoing calls         Identity-as-a-Service     Fraud detection and prevention         Roaming and in-subscription identity management         Smart contracts         Transparency of transactions     Secure IoT connectivity         Ensuring communication between IoT devices     Enabling of 5G         Handling heterogeneous access nodes and diverse access mechanisms     Ensuring the integrity of the network         Enabling selection mechanisms for new access technology     Payment methods         Cryptocurrencies     New competitors on the Telecom horizon Closing remarks     The future of Blockchain and Telecom  
hyperledger1 Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric 14 hours This course has been designed for developers and project managers who would like to experiment with Blockchain in their products and projects. The course gives a basic know how on how to setup your own blockchain application using Hyperledger Fabric. Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric Brief Background and Introduction Installations Binary and Docker Images Hyperledger Fabrics Samples Setting up a Hyperledger Network Installations Network Artifacts Bringing Network Up or Down Crypto Generator and Configuration Transaction Starting the Network Environment Variables Channels and Chaincode Query and Invokes Docker Logs Chaincode Logs Your First Application Setting up a Test Network Network-Application Interactions Playing with Ledger Quering Updates and Modifications Conclusion
blockchainenm Blockchain for Entrepeneurs and Managers 14 hours Target Audience Investors and entrepreneurs Managers and Engineers whose company is venturing into finance/commerce space Business Analysts & Investors Individuals interested in the in-depth concepts of Bitcoin Quick Overview Blockchain history Decentralization Openness Theoretical background Introduction to Bitcoin  History of Bitcoin Bitcoin security Bitcoin pricing and volatility Bitcoin general usage, tradining and online exchange Introduction To Blockchain Transactions storage on Blockchain Bitcoin mining Blockchains: Permissioned and Permissionless Side chains Blockchain Usage Payment systems Cryptocurrencies (Bitcons Ledger) Royalty collection Management of copyrights Insurance Development Private Ethereum Network Smart contracts (e.g. Ethereum)  dApps Hyperledger(Hyperledger Fabric) Bitcoin Security Bitcoin pseudo-anonymity Security Measures Wallet Back Up and Restore Mining and Transactions Digital Assets Distributed Ledgers Byzantine Generals' Problem Networks and Nodes Cryptography Proof and Distributed Consensus Pools and Scripting Bitcoin Scalability and Limitations Transaction volumes and block sizes Mining pools and centralisation Centralised vs. Decentralised Blockchains Centralised blockchain case studies using Ripple and Corda Decentralised blockchain using Ethereum and Hyperledger Conclusion Bitcoin for remittances in emerging economies Digital currencies and financial institutions Digital currencies and innovation Alternatives to Bitcoin and the Blockchain  
blockchain Blockchain - Theory and Practice 7 hours This course explains what a blockchain is, where it is currently in use and where it can be potentially used. Quick Overview Blockchain history Decentralization Openness Theoretical background Usage Payment systems Cryptocurrencies (Bitcons Ledger) Royalty collection Management of copyrights Smart contracts (e.g. Ethereum) Insurance Other Altchains
blockchaindev Blockchain for Developers 14 hours This course has been designed for developers and project managers who would like to experiment with Blockchain in their products and projects. The course gives a basic know how on how to setup your private blockchain environment and throws light on some of the existing frameworks. Introduction to Blockchain History and Background Companies using Blockchain Introdution to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger Centralized v/s Decentralized v/s Distributed Networks Real Time Challenges Bitcoin and Why are they Important History and Background Characteristics Transactions Mining Hashing and Dual Key Encryption Proof of Work Merkle Tree CPU v/s GPU mining Consensus Ethereum Brief Background Technologies Behind Smart Contracts DAO Ether - The upcoming cryptocurrency Blockchain for Development Ethereum Virtual Machine Introdution to Solidty Usage of Solidity IDE Setting up your first private Ethereum Network go-ethereum Genesis File Solc Compiler Remix IDE Connecting Nodes to Network Greeter Web3 Framework Conclusion

Upcoming Courses

CourseCourse DateCourse Price [Remote / Classroom]
Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric - NE, Omaha – Linden PlaceMon, Aug 14 2017, 9:30 am$4000 / $5910
Blockchain for Developers - NY, SyracuseMon, Aug 14 2017, 9:30 am$3930 / $5530
Blockchain for Entrepeneurs and Managers - CheyenneMon, Aug 21 2017, 9:30 am$4180 / $6470

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