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couch Apache CouchDB for Developers 14 hours Adobe CouchDB is a scalable, fault-tolerant, and schema-free document-oriented database written in Erlang. It's used in large and small organizations for a variety of applications where a traditional SQL database isn't the best solution for the problem at hand. Audience This course is directed at engineers and developers seeking to deploy and develop with a CouchDB instance. Installing CouchDB Introduction: CouchDB at a glance  Installation: Get up and running fast  Technical Overview: Details of the CouchDB technology  Basics: Getting started with CouchDB  Configuring CouchDB Base Configuration couch_peruser CouchDB HTTP Server Authentication and Authorization Compaction Configuration Logging Replicator Query Servers External Processes HTTP Resource Handlers CouchDB Internal Services Miscellaneous Parameters Proxying Configuration CouchApp CouchDB External APIs Query Server Fauxton  Cluster Setup Theory Node Management Database Management Sharding JSON Structure All Database Documents Bulk Documents Troubleshooting Breaking Changes Error Messages Known Problem Official CouchDB bug tracker

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