Course Outline


Algorithmic Trading Core Concepts

  • What is algorithmic trading?
  • Markets and trading
  • Textual data and analysis

Python, R, and Stata

  • Stock trading
  • Bond trading
  • Investment analysis

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing Quandl
  • Installing quantmod
  • Installing and configuring Stata

Algorithmic Trading and Python

  • Importing data
  • Using Quandl
  • Working with financial data
  • Creating databases for financial data

Algorithmic Trading and R

  • Importing data
  • Using quantmod
  • Working with regressions

Algorithmic Trading and Stata

  • Importing and cleaning data
  • Testing strategies
  • Working with regressions

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with R
  • Python experience


  • Business Analysts
 14 Hours

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