Course Outline


  • What's new in Angular 13?

Advanced Components

  • Overview of advanced components
  • Using advanced decorators
  • Using advanced lifecycle hooks
  • Building complex components
  • Implementing dynamic components
  • Building custom directives
  • Building reusable components

Advanced Services

  • Overview of advanced services
  • Using service providers
  • Using advanced dependency injection techniques
  • Using observables and subjects
  • Building asynchronous services
  • Creating singleton services
  • Creating factory providers
  • Creating use-value providers

Advanced Routing

  • Overview of advanced routing
  • Using nested routes
  • Using route guards
  • Using lazy loading
  • Using preloading
  • Creating custom route resolvers
  • Using query parameters
  • Using route params

Advanced Forms

  • Overview of advanced forms
  • Building custom form controls
  • Building custom validators
  • Building custom async validators
  • Using reactive forms in complex scenarios
  • Using dynamic forms
  • Using template-driven forms with validation
  • Building custom form directives

Advanced Testing

  • Overview of advanced testing
  • Testing advanced components
  • Testing advanced services
  • Testing advanced forms
  • Using test-driven development techniques
  • Using mocking and spies
  • Using end-to-end testing with Protractor

Performance Optimization

  • Overview of performance optimization
  • Using AOT compilation
  • Using lazy loading
  • Optimizing change detection
  • Optimizing component rendering
  • Optimizing network requests
  • Optimizing server-side rendering

Deployment and Build Optimization

  • Overview of deployment and build optimization
  • Using the Angular CLI
  • Using the production build
  • Using code splitting
  • Using tree shaking
  • Optimizing for progressive web apps
  • Optimizing for search engines


Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience with Angular 13 or completion of an introductory Angular 13 course


  • Experienced developers and programmers who want to expand their knowledge of Angular 13
 28 Hours

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