Course Outline


  • Overview of advanced Angular 15 topics
  • Review of Angular 15 fundamentals

Advanced Component Techniques

  • Advanced component architecture patterns
  • Using advanced component lifecycle hooks
  • Creating dynamic components
  • Using Angular Elements to create web components

Advanced Directive Techniques

  • Creating custom structural directives
  • Implementing advanced directive composition
  • Using the ngTemplateOutlet directive
  • Implementing advanced animations

Advanced RxJS Techniques

  • Advanced RxJS concepts
  • Using RxJS to implement complex user interfaces
  • Reactive programming with Angular 15
  • Reactive forms with RxJS

Advanced Change Detection Techniques

  • Advanced change detection concepts
  • Implementing onPush change detection strategy
  • Using the IterableDiffers API
  • Optimizing change detection performance

Advanced Routing Techniques

  • Using lazy loading to improve application performance
  • Using preloading strategies to improve user experience
  • Implementing server-side rendering with Angular Universal
  • Implementing a custom router outlet

Advanced Testing Techniques

  • Writing comprehensive tests with high code coverage
  • Using mocks and spies in tests
  • Using advanced testing frameworks for Angular 15
  • Debugging complex tests

Advanced Debugging Techniques

  • Using the Angular DevTools
  • Debugging Angular 15 applications using the browser's DevTools
  • Troubleshooting common issues in Angular 15 applications
  • Using advanced debugging techniques for performance optimization

Advanced Performance Techniques

  • Advanced performance optimization techniques for Angular 15
  • Implementing change detection on push
  • Implementing lazy loading for optimal performance
  • Optimizing network requests using Angular's HttpInterceptor
  • Server-side rendering for improved performance

Summary and Next Steps


  • Familiarity with Angular 15, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


  • Developers
  • Programmers
 28 Hours

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