Course Outline


  • Replacing humans with machines to deploy content.

Traditional Authoring and Publication Workflows

  • Monolythic CMSs (Content Management Systems)

What is a Continuous Delivery Pipeline?

  • DevOps for code...and content
  • Homemade solutions.
  • Commercial CI/CD CMSs (Content Management Systems).

Preparing the Building Blocks

  • Version Control System (Git)
  • Static site generator (Jekyll, Hugo, Pelican, etc.)
  • Continuous Integration (Jenkins, etc.)

Creating Content

  • Content editors
  • Writing in Markdown

Publishing a Static Site

  • Generating HTML
  • Uploading to host

Storing Content in Git

  • Committing files, checking out files
  • Accessing different versions of a file
  • Working with branches

Building a Publication Pipeline

  • Converting the content
  • Validating the content
  • Publishing the content

Collaboration among Authors

  • Roles and permissions
  • Branching and merging changes


Summary and Conclusion


  • A general understanding of content management systems and workflows
  • Experience using a command line


  • Engineers
  • Content managers with a technical background
 21 Hours

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