Course Outline

Introduction to Ethics in AI

  • Understanding the importance of ethics in AI
  • Historical context and current ethical debates
  • Key ethical principles for AI deployment

Ethical Challenges with LLMs

  • Privacy concerns and data protection
  • Transparency, accountability, and bias in LLMs
  • Impact of LLMs on employment and society

Applying Ethical Frameworks to LLMs

  • Frameworks for ethical decision-making in AI
  • Case studies: Ethical dilemmas in LLM deployment
  • Developing guidelines for ethical LLM use

Strategies for Ethical LLM Deployment

  • Best practices for responsible AI development
  • Engaging with stakeholders and diverse perspectives
  • Creating a culture of ethical AI within organizations

Hands-on Lab: Ethical Analysis of LLM Use Cases

  • Analyzing real-world scenarios involving LLMs
  • Assessing ethical implications and formulating responses
  • Presenting findings and recommendations

Summary and Next Steps


  • A basic understanding of AI and machine learning concepts
  • Experience with ethical decision-making frameworks
  • Familiarity with LLMs and their societal implications


  • AI professionals and ethicists
  • Data scientists and engineers
  • Policy makers and stakeholders in AI governance
 7 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant