Course Outline

Introduction to Galen Framework

  • Beyond WebDriver and Selenium Grid

Galen Installation and IDE setup

  • Linux, OS X and Windows

Using Galen Framework with Selenium

  • Avoiding overlapping tests
  • Selenium Grid and cloud services

Using Javascript with the Galen Framework

  •  GalenJs

Working with the Galen Language: Galen Specs

  • Syntax and rules to describe your layout

Testing the Layout of Responsive Websites with Galen

Cross-Browser Testing with Galen Framework

Testing the Colors on Your Website with Galen

Internationalization Testing with Galen

Galen Reports

  • Html Reports
  • TestNG Reports - embedding Galen into Jenkins

The Java API

Java + Maven + TestNG + Galen How to Use Galen inside Java Tests

Summary and Conclusion


  • Familiarity with Selenium.
  • Knowledge of Javascript and Java is helpful.
  • Familiarity with the command line.


  • Developers and test engineers
 14 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant

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