Course Outline

TensorFlow Basics

  • Creation, Initializing, Saving, and Restoring TensorFlow variables
  • Feeding, Reading and Preloading TensorFlow Data
  • How to use TensorFlow infrastructure to train models at scale
  • Visualizing and Evaluating models with TensorBoard

TensorFlow Mechanics

  • Inputs and Placeholders
  • Build the GraphS
    • Inference
    • Loss
    • Training
  • Train the Model
    • The Graph
    • The Session
    • Train Loop
  • Evaluate the Model
    • Build the Eval Graph
    • Eval Output

The Perceptron

  • Activation functions
  • The perceptron learning algorithm
  • Binary classification with the perceptron
  • Document classification with the perceptron
  • Limitations of the perceptron

From the Perceptron to Support Vector Machines

  • Kernels and the kernel trick
  • Maximum margin classification and support vectors

Artificial Neural Networks

  • Nonlinear decision boundaries
  • Feedforward and feedback artificial neural networks
  • Multilayer perceptrons
  • Minimizing the cost function
  • Forward propagation
  • Back propagation
  • Improving the way neural networks learn

Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Goals
  • Model Architecture
  • Principles
  • Code Organization
  • Launching and Training the Model
  • Evaluating a Model


Background in physics, mathematics and programming. Involvment in image processing activities.

 28 Hours

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