Course Outline


Multi-Threading Programming

  • Syntax and constructs
  • Clauses and sections

Offloading Support

  • Directives and target data
  • If, device, and map clauses

Thread Safety and Sharing

  • Atomicity
  • Constructs, locks, and directives
  • Shared clauses

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring OpenMP
  • Installing and configuring VMWare
  • Setting up an HPC with VMWare

Parallel Programming in OpenMP

  • Creating a hello world code example and demonstration
  • Worksharing constructs
  • Working with for loops
  • Using sectional parallelism
  • Using fractals
  • Adding vectors

Vector Programming and SIMD Extensions

  • Vectorizing loops
  • Annotating user-defined functions
  • Using functions that support SIMD annotation
  • Generating a vector function
  • Registering vector return values

Fortran in OpenMP

  • Worksharing constructs
  • Synchronizing constructs
  • Using data scope attribute clauses and other clauses
  • Working with OpenMP-Runtime Library

Parallel Blocks

  • Specifying the number of threads
  • Executing parallel statement blocks
  • Distinguishing the running threads in a parallel block
  • Using omp critical directives

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of HPC Systems
  • Parallel programming experience


  • Software Engineers
 14 Hours

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