Course Outline


  • Overview of PyGame features and components
  • PyGame and Python basics

Getting Started

  • Installing PyGame on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
  • Initializing modules

Creating a PyGame Application

  • Setting display modes (color, background, etc.)
  • Exploring bouncing ball game
  • Moving and animating objects
  • Importing images and music
  • Using Blit and Flip
  • Creating a Game Over screen

Expanding Game Options

  • Adding game reset, scoring, and randomizing
  • Handling events
  • Using sprite and camera modules
  • Adding custom effects and filters
  • Exploring other game examples

Building and Testing a PyGame Application

  • Running the PyGame test suite
  • Converting PyGame into an executable file


Summary and Next Steps


  • Familiarity with Python programming.


  • Developers
 7 Hours

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