Course Outline


  • The fundamentals of Python and SQL
  • Overview of Tableau features and architecture

Getting Started

  • Setting up the development environment
  • Understanding software integration

Data Pre-processing in Python

  • Importing libraries and datasets
  • Handling missing data values
  • Data normalization and formatting
  • Performing regression analysis

Data Analysis with SQL

  • Setting up the database
  • Connecting Python and SQL
  • Querying the database
  • Manipulating data (filtering, sorting, and grouping)

Data Visualization using Tableau

  • Design principles for visualization in Tableau
  • Creating dashboards, charts, tables, and mapping
  • Practical examples and use cases


Summary and Next Steps


  • Familiarity with SQL concepts and Tableau
  • Python programming experience


  • Data scientists
  • Developers
 14 Hours

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