Course Outline


Overview of Talend Administration Center Features and Architecture

Setting Up and Configuring Talend Administration Center

  • Other TAC Modules and GIT Repository Configuration

Making Use of the TAC Management Console for User Creation

Overview of Talend Administration Center Groups for Different User Roles

Integrating Talent Studio with Talend Administration Center

Utilizing the Talend Administration Center Panes

  • The Main Browser Pane and Principal Browser Views
  • Navigating and Accessing User Tasks Based on User Roles

Managing User Roles, Authorizations, Projects, and References

Monitoring Servers and Activities During Runtime

  • Creating, Deploying, and Running Plans, Projects, and Jobs
  • Recovering and Restarting User Activities

Executing Administrative Tasks from Remote Engines

  • Connecting to the Talend Cloud

Building and Executing Business Routines

Encrypting Logging Events in Talend Administration Center

Administering Metadata and Product Documentation

  • SQL Templates in the TAC Database

Securing the Talend System with Hashing Technology

Managing the Lifecycle and Status of the Talend Environment


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with databases and file management
  • Basic knowledge of systems architecture and networking
  • Understanding of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) fundamentals
  • Experience with query and scripting languages (SQL, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Comprehension of the IAM (Identity Access Management) framework
  • Basic knowledge of cloud services


  • System Administrators
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
 14 Hours

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