Course Outline


Understanding Event-Driven Software Development

  • The Architecture of a Distributed Business Application
  • Overview of TIBCO BusinessEvents
  • Overview of TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Bus

Getting Started

  • Preparing the development environment
  • Installing and configuring Tibco
  • Case study: A fraud detection application

Working with TIBCO BusinessEvents

  • Relating real-time to at-rest data
  • Tracking and tracing lifecycles
  • Creating conditional rules
  • Computing parameter values
  • Orchestrating processes
  • Matching event patterns

Working with TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Bus

  • Overview of TIBCO ActiveMatrix tools
  • Configuring service dependencies
  • Connecting to TIBCO-based infrastructure
  • Onboarding a service
  • Connecting to a third-party environment

Creating a Distributed Application

  • Setting up authorization, authentication, and encryption.
  • Setting up proper business rules
  • Executing business rules

Deploying a Distributed Application

  • Setting up the distributed service execution environment
  • Packaging a distributed application
  • Scaling a distributed application

Managing a Distributed Application

  • Managing the runtime environment
  • Managing large numbers of applications and services
  • Monitoring an application


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of XML logic.
  • An understanding of business rules engine and web services.
  • Java and JavaScript programming experience.


  • Developers
 21 Hours

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