Course Outline


  • TinaCMS vs Forestry vs conventional CMS editors
  • Overview of TinaCMS features and components

Setting Up TinaCMS

  • Installing TinaCMS
  • Creating a CMS instance
  • Configuring and enabling the CMS

 Managing Content

  • Creating and registering forms
  • Editing the content
  • Configuring forms
  • Creating custom fields

Configuring Backends

  • Loading content from external APIs
  • Saving updated content
  • Adding CMS alerts
  • Integrating data sources and workflows (Github, React, Strapi)

Working with Plugins and APIs

  • Using Next.js API
  • Defining schema with CLI
  • Generating queries with GraphQL API
  • Exploring plugins and other external APIs


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of Content Management Systems
  • Familiarity with Javascript and React


  • Web Developers
  • Web Content Managers
 7 Hours

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