Course Outline


Overview of AWS CloudFormation Features and Architecture

  • Simplified infrastructure management
  • Concepts and key components

Logging into an AWS Account

  • Account signup
  • VPC endpoints setup

Getting Started with CloudFormation

  • Template basics
  • Updating a stack

Protecting Data with CloudFormation

  • Access control
  • Logging API calls
  • Configuration and vulnerability analysis

Using CodePipeline for Continuous Delivery

  • Building a pipeline
  • Configuration properties
  • Parameter override functions

Working with Stacks

  • Using the console
  • Detecting changes
  • Nested and Windows stacks

Bringing External Resources into CloudFormation

  • Importing existing resources
  • Moving and exporting existing resources

Working with Templates

  • Template anatomy
  • Macros

Exploring Templates In-Depth

  • Reviewing simple and complex templates
  • Deploying an S3 bucket
  • Deploying a web server with EC2

Using StackSets to Extend Functionality

  • Concepts
  • Defining necessary permissions
  • Stack set actions

Using the CloudFormation Registry

  • Private and public extensions
  • Registering resource type
  • Viewing extensions

Learning About Advanced CloudFormation Topics

  • Advanced features
  • CloudFormation in Teams
  • Using cfn-lint and yamllint
  • Implementing CloudFormation policies


Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts
  • Familiarity with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console


  • Cloud engineers
  • Developers
 7 Hours

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