Course Outline

Advanced Concepts in Platform Engineering

  • Review of Platform Engineering fundamentals
  • The evolution of platform engineering in the context of scalability
  • Design principles for scalable platform architecture

Deep Dive into Microservices Architecture

  • Principles of microservices design
  • Decomposing monolithic applications into microservices
  • Communication patterns and service discovery

Containerization with Docker

  • Advanced containerization techniques
  • Building optimized Docker images for microservices
  • Container networking and storage considerations

Kubernetes Ecosystem and Architecture

  • In-depth exploration of Kubernetes components
  • Setting up and managing a Kubernetes cluster
  • Kubernetes networking, storage, and security best practices

Deploying Microservices on Kubernetes

  • Deployment strategies for microservices
  • Managing service deployments with Helm charts
  • Continuous deployment practices in a Kubernetes environment

Observability and Monitoring in Microservices

  • Implementing logging, monitoring, and alerting for microservices
  • Tools and platforms for observability in a Kubernetes ecosystem
  • Analyzing metrics and logs to maintain system health

Scaling and Performance Tuning

  • Horizontal and vertical scaling strategies
  • Auto-scaling services based on load
  • Performance tuning and resource optimization

Resilience and Reliability Engineering

  • Designing for failure: resilience patterns in microservices
  • Implementing health checks, circuit breakers, and rate limiting
  • Disaster recovery and high availability strategies

Security Considerations for Microservices and Kubernetes

  • Securing microservice communications
  • Kubernetes security features and best practices
  • Implementing service meshes for enhanced security

Hands-On Project

  • Designing and deploying a scalable microservices application on Kubernetes
  • Implementing CI/CD pipelines for microservices deployment
  • Applying monitoring and scaling practices to maintain application performance

Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of containerization and orchestration concepts
  • Experience with Docker and basic Kubernetes operations
  • Familiarity with cloud computing and microservices architecture


  • Platform engineers
  • DevOps professionals
  • Software architects
 35 Hours

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