Course Outline

1. Introduction to project management - approaches
2. What is Agile? How to choose an agile approach
3. basics of Agile Project Management - philosophy, principals and project variables
4. key success factors in Agile Project Management
5. project design - the DSDM process
6. organization of Agile teams - roles and responsibilities
7. outcome-based measurements - project deliverables
8. effective practices - prioritization and timeboxing
9. how to plan and control the project lifecycle
10. effective practices: facilitated workshops, modeling and iterative development
11. exam preparation - test exam
12. the Agile PM Foundation exam

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The training requires no additional preparation.

  14 Hours

Number of participants



Dates are subject to availability and take place between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.
Open Training Courses require 5+ participants.

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