Course Outline


Overview of AutoCAD

  • Navigation tools
  • Commands
  • Limits and display units

Getting Started

  • Preparing the development environment
  • Installing and configuring AutoCAD

Handling Heavy Drawings and Compressed Files

  • Understanding the challenges of working with heavy drawings
  • Introduction to ZIP compression and its benefits
  • Strategies for efficient file organization and management

Working with Large-Scale Designs

  • Utilizing layout tabs for better organization
  • Setting up viewports for different scales and views
  • Optimizing layout and viewport performance
  • Using the LOD (Level of Detail) feature to streamline complex designs

Layer Management

  • Understanding the importance of layer organization
  • Creating and customizing layer properties
  • Implementing layer states for different design stages
  • Using filters to simplify layer management in heavy drawings

Utilizing Construction Lines and Point Tools

  • Exploring the role of construction lines in complex designs
  • Creating and manipulating construction lines
  • Leveraging construction points for precise alignment
  • Applying construction lines and points for reference in complex drawings

Creating and Customizing Title Blocks

  • Importance of a well-designed title block
  • Designing a standardized title block for heavy drawings
  • Incorporating attributes for automated data entry
  • Dynamic blocks for flexible title block elements

Advanced Printing and Plotting

  • Configuring plot styles for consistent printing
  • Batch plotting for multiple layouts
  • Plotting heavy drawings with compressed files

Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of 2D modeling


  • Web designers
 14 Hours

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