Course Outline

Core concepts

  1. Kubernetes architecture
  2. Cluster components

Building the app

  1. Creating containers
  2. Configuring local Docker repo

Pod design

  1. Base configuration
  2. Liveness and readiness probes
  3. CPU and memory constraints
  4. Resource limits for a namespace


  1. Security context
  2. Service accounts
  3. Secrets
  4. Kubernetes network policy
  5. Linux capabilities

Deployment configuration

  1. Controllers: deployments, daemon sets and stateful sets
  2. Jobs and cron jobs
  3. Config maps
  4. Rolling upgrade, blue-green deployment, canary deployment
  5. Using Helm for managing deployments
  6. Kubernetes API resources

Multi-container pods

  1. Sidecar, ambassador and adapter containers
  2. Init containers

Services & Networking

  1. Services and different types
  2. Load balancing
  3. Ingress controller

State Persistence

  1. Persistence of application state in Kubernetes
  2. Ephemeral storage
  3. Persistent volumes and claims
  4. Storage classes


  • An understanding of cloud native application concepts and architectures.
  • Experience in programming in Python, Node.js, Go, or Java.
  • An OCI-Compliant Container Runtime, such as Docker or rkt.


  • Developers
  • Kubernetes Users
 21 Hours

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