Course Outline


  • Overview of Bots for Developers
  • Uses and Applications of Bots
  • Understanding How Bots Work
  • Developing a Custom Bot vs. Using a Bot-Creation Platform

Starting Your Bot Project

  • Defining Your Bot's Purpose and Requirements
  • Developing Your Bot's Specifications, Features, and Functionalities
  • Building a Conversational Script for Your Bot

Building Your Bot

  • Creating the Engineering Design for Your Bot
    • Designing the Front-End Components
    • Designing the Back-End Components
  • Developing and Testing Your Bot
    • Understanding the Development Complexities of Bots
    • Testing the Code in the Emulator
    • Testing the Code in the Actual Messaging Platform
    • Running the Final QA Process

Launching Your Bot

  • Deploying Your Bot
  • Publishing Your Bot
  • Monitoring Your Bot
  • Getting More Users for Your Bot
  • Tracking and Analyzing Your Bot's Performance and Results
  • Repeating the Development and Launch Cycle

Overview of Tools for Creating Bots

  • Exploring Bot Drafts and Design Tools
  • Exploring Bot Builders
  • Exploring Bot Tools for Developers
  • Exploring Bot Tools for Monitoring and Analytics
  • Exploring Bot Tools for Monetization

Overview of Bot Platforms to Build Advanced Bots

  • Creating a Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Overview of the Project
  • Setting Up on Facebook
  • Using Chatfuel
  • Using API.AI
  • Using Heroku

Creating a Bot Using Microsoft Bot Framework

  • Overview of the Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Setting Up Your Bot
  • Testing Your Bot

Closing Remarks



  • Basic programming experience
 14 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant