Course Outline

Advanced functions

  • The logic functions
  • Mathematical and statistical functions
  • Financial functions

Search and data

  • Search and matching
  • Functions MATCH (MATCH) and INDEX (INDEX)
  • Advanced management of lists of values
  • Validate the value entered in the cell
  • Database Functions
  • Summary data by using the histogram
  • Circular references - Practical Aspects

Tables and Pivot Charts

  • The dynamic description of the data using PivotTables
  • Elements and calculated fields
  • Visualize data using pivot chart

Working with external data

  • Exporting and importing data
  • Exporting and importing XML file
  • Importing data from databases
  • Connections to a database or an XML file
  • Analyzing data online - Web Query

Analytical issues

  • Option Goal Seek
  • The Analysis ToolPack addition
  • Scenarios, Scenario Manager
  • Solver and optimization data
  • Macros and create your own functions
  • Starting and recording macros
  • Working with VBA code

Conditional Formatting

  • Advanced conditional formatting using formulas and form elements (eg box - checkbox)

Time value of money

  • The current and future value of capital
  • Capitalization and discounting
  • Interest made ​​simple
  • Nominal and effective interest procetowa
  • Cash flows
  • Depreciation

Trends and financial forecasts

  • Types (functions) trend.
  • Forecasts


  • The rate of profit
  • Profitability
  • Investing in securities and risk measures


Requires good knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Basic knowledge of finance is also indicated.

 14 Hours

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