Course Outline

1. Getting to know the basic principles of the program
1.1. discussion of different types of templates
1.2. rules for creating projects
1.3. familiarizing yourself with the program interface
2. Overview of the sketch tool
2.1. rules of creation
2.2. description of tools
2.3. parameterization and geometric constraints
3. Solid and surface modeling
3.1. creating models based on a sketch
3.2. geometry modifiers
3.3. use of construction tools
4. Creating assemblies
4.1. inserting parts
4.2. using constraints and parameters to create an assembly
4.3. parts adaptations
5. Creating sheet metal structures
5.1. sheet metal standards
5.2. description of tools
5.3. creating extensions
6. Creating a welded structure
6.1. getting to know different types of welds
6.2. technological preparation
7. Technical documentation
7.1. creating technical documentation of a single part
7.2. creating technical documentation for the assembly
7.3. creating technical documentation templates

 14 Hours

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