LDAP Training in Idaho

LDAP Training in Idaho
LDAP, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol courses

ID, Boise - Boise Downtown

950 Bannock Street Suite 1100
83702 Boise , ID
United States
Idaho US
ID, Boise - Boise Downtown
The art-deco style office in Idaho is at the heart of downtown Boise is in the Banner Bank Building - one of the city's most prestigious commercial addresses...Read more

LDAP Course Events - Idaho

Code Name Venue Duration Course Date PHP Course Price [Remote / Classroom]
oldaplnxsys OpenLDAP for Linux Systems ID, Boise - Boise Downtown 7 hours Tue, Feb 7 2017, 9:30 am $1850 / $3300
oldaplnxsys OpenLDAP for Linux Systems ID, Boise - Boise Downtown 7 hours Wed, Apr 5 2017, 9:30 am $1850 / $3300
oldaplnxsys OpenLDAP for Linux Systems ID, Boise - Boise Downtown 7 hours Fri, Jul 7 2017, 9:30 am $1850 / $3300

Course Outlines

Code Name Duration Outline
oldaplnxsys OpenLDAP for Linux Systems 7 hours

If your organization have Linux systems which numbers rapidly increase you probably face the problem with managing user accounts. Every user has to have an account on multiple servers, where you have to prepare that account manually. With this course you will learn how to setup one point where you can store all of your accounts, and thanks to this you will simplify and increase productivity of management processes.


  • LDAP: What it is and what it does
  • Organization of the data in the directory
  • LDAP Data Interchange Format
  • Filters and search facilities
  • Adding, modifying and deleting objects

Installation and Configuration

  • Basic Setup and introduction to the OpenLDAP Configuration (OLC)
  • Mechanisms for data storage
  • Installation of OpenLDAP
  • Initial setup of OLC
  • Setting up TLS
  • Defining access control lists (ACL)
  • Logging System
  • High availability and data replication

Configuring applications and services

  • Configuration of NSS and PAM
  • Management of system users with OpenLDAP
  • Apache - Basic Auth configuration mechanism
  • (Optional) Samba - Configuration (as a classic-mode, non-AD, domain controller)
  • GUI tools
    • Phpldapadmin - Installation and Configuration
oldapws OpenLDAP Workshop 21 hours

This is a 3 day hands-on training course covering LDAP and OpenLDAP from the ground up.

OpenLDAP overview

  • Comparison with web and relational databases
  • Entry structure
  • Tree structure
  • Simple searches
  • Attributes Syntaxes and Object Classes
  • RootDSE and subschema subentry
  • LDAP Operations
  • LDIF
  • Command-line tools
  • GUI tools
    • Phpldapadmin - Installation and Configuration

Basic configuration and maintenance

  • Installation from source code and decisions to be made at the build time
  • Installation from packages
  • Server structure: front-end, overlays, back-ends
    • Evolution of disk-based backends
  • Building test servers
  • Differences for production servers
  • Static configuration using slapd.conf
  • Dynamic configuration via cn=config
  • Conversion from slapd.conf to cn=config
  • Monitoring via cn=monitor
  • Backup and restore procedures
  • Conversion from hdb to mdb backend
  • Upgrading between OpenLDAP versions

Authentication and Authorisation using LDAP

  • Bind methods: simple, SASL, public-key, Kerberos
  • Security of passwords: ldap:/// ldaps:/// ldapi:///
  • Representing groups in LDAP
  • Using LDAP for Authentication and authorisation of other services
    • Apache - Basic Auth configuration mechanism
  • Management of system users with OpenLDAP
    • RFC2307 / RFC2307bis / DBIS
    • Configuration of NSS and PAM
    • nss-pam-ldapd vs SSSD


  • Certificate hierachies
  • Using TLS with OpenLDAP: Server certs, Client certs and SASL EXTERNAL

Access Control

  • Basic ACLs
  • Limits
  • Access Control Policy
  • Testing ACLs

Distributed directories

  • Replication, Chaining, and Referral
  • Master-slave
  • Mirrormode

Extending the schema

  • Simple Schema Design
  • OIDs
  • Schema definition files
  • Designing the Directory Information Tree

Working with existing applications and services

  • Directory synchronisation and transformation tools
  • LDAP proxies, firewalls and entry mapping

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