Nginx Training in Arizona

Nginx Training in Arizona
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AZ, Phoenix - 24th and Camelback

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Phoenix, AZ 85016
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 AZ, Phoenix - 24th and Camelback
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Nginx Setup, Configuration and Administration

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Nginx Course Events - Arizona

Code Name Venue Duration Course Date PHP Course Price [Remote / Classroom]
nginxsca Nginx Setup, Configuration and Administration AZ, Phoenix - 24th and Camelback 21 hours Tue, Sep 5 2017, 9:30 am $5370 / $7640
nginxsca Nginx Setup, Configuration and Administration AZ, Phoenix - 24th and Camelback 21 hours Tue, Oct 31 2017, 9:30 am $5370 / $7640
nginxsca Nginx Setup, Configuration and Administration AZ, Phoenix - 24th and Camelback 21 hours Tue, Jan 30 2018, 9:30 am $5370 / $7640

Course Outlines

Code Name Duration Outline
nginxsca Nginx Setup, Configuration and Administration 21 hours

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to installing and configuring Nginx based web servers and as an overview to monitoring Nginx server performance.

Module 1: Installing Nginx

  • Installing Nginx using a package manager
  • Configuring for web 
  • Configure the options to specify paths
  • Table: HTTP configure options
  • Enabling various modules
  • Table: HTTP module configure options
  • Disabling unused modules
  • Table: Disable configure options
  • Installing third-party modules

Module 2: A Configuration Guide

  • The basic configuration format
  • Nginx global configuration parameters
  • Table: Global configuration directives
  • Using include files
  • The HTTP server section Client directives, File I/O directives, Hash directives, Socket directives
  • The virtual server section
  • Configuring Locations – where, when, and how

Module 3: Nginx as a Reverse Proxy

  • The proxy module
  • Proxy module directives
  • The upstream module: Keepalive connections and Load-balancing algorithms
  • Types of upstream servers: Single upstream server, Multiple upstream servers, Non-HTTP upstream servers
  • How to handle upstream problems

Module 4: Reverse Proxy Advanced Topics

  • Introduction to Security
  • Encrypting traffic with SSL
  • Authenticating clients using SSL
  • Blocking traffic based on originating IP address
  • Isolating application components for scalability
  • Reverse proxy performance tuning: Buffering, Caching, Compressing

Module 5. The Nginx HTTP Server

  • HTTP server directives
  • HTTP logging directives
  • HTTP file-path directives
  • Name resolution directives
  • HTTP client interaction directives
  • HTTP limits directives
  • HTTP access module directives
  • HTTP streaming directives

Module 6. Nginx Load Balancing

  • About Load Balancing
  • Setting up the environment
  • Using the Upstream Module
  • Using the right directives (Weight, Hash, Max Fails, etc.)
  • Testing your configuration

Module 7: Troubleshooting Techniques

  • Analyzing log files
  • Configuring advanced logging
  • Common configuration errors
  • Performance problems
  • Using the Stub Status module

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