Course Outline

Introduction to Workflow Automation

  • Understanding the basics of n8n
  • Setting up your n8n environment
  • Exploring the n8n user interface and features

Building Your First Workflow

  • Creating nodes and connections
  • Automating simple tasks
  • Debugging and testing workflows

Integrating AI with LangChain

  • Introduction to LangChain
  • Connecting LangChain with n8n
  • Building AI-powered nodes in n8n

Advanced Workflow Automation

  • Conditional logic and error handling
  • Using webhooks and APIs
  • Scheduling and automating recurring tasks

Creating Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

  • Designing conversational flows
  • Implementing AI responses
  • Customizing chatbot behavior for different scenarios

Data Analysis with AI Agents

  • Extracting insights from data
  • Automating report generation
  • Visualizing data within workflows

Project: Traveler Co-Pilot

  • Speech-to-speech translation
  • Image-to-text conversion
  • Implementing real-time translation in workflows

Project: Chat with Docs

  • Document integration with Slack
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Automating document retrieval and management

Project: AI-Driven Stock Analysis

  • Analyzing SEC 10K reports
  • Building an AI analyst team
  • Creating visualizations and summaries from financial data

Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of basic workflow concepts
  • Experience with any task automation tool is a plus
  • Curiosity about AI and no-code solutions


  • Developers
  • IT professionals
  • Business analysts
 14 Hours

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