Course Outline

Introduction to LangChain

  • What is LangChain?
  • LangChain vs other frameworks
  • The importance of LangChain in modern AI development

Setting Up the Environment

  • Installing Python and necessary packages
  • Setting up LangChain
  • Verifying the installation

Core Concepts of LangChain

  • Understanding the LangChain architecture
  • Key components and their roles
  • The LangChain philosophy and design goals

Working with Large Language Models (LLMs)

  • Introduction to LLMs and their capabilities
  • How LangChain integrates with LLMs
  • Connecting LangChain to a sample LLM

Developing with LangChain

  • LangChain's modular approach to application development
  • Building your first LangChain application
  • Best practices for development


Conclusion and Next Steps


  • Basic understanding of Python programming


  • Developers
  • Software engineers
 14 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant