Course Outline

Introduction to GIS

  • What is GIS?
  • Applications of GIS in various fields
  • Overview of spatial data types (vector and raster)

Getting Started with ArcGIS

  • Introduction to ArcGIS software
  • Installing ArcGIS
  • Overview of the ArcGIS interface
  • Basic navigation and map exploration

Managing Spatial Data

  • Adding data to a map
  • Data sources and formats
  • Organizing data in ArcGIS

Creating and Editing Spatial Data

  • Creating new shapefiles and feature classes
  • Basic editing tools and techniques
  • Attribute tables and data management

Basic Spatial Analysis

  • Introduction to spatial analysis concepts
  • Buffering and overlay analysis
  • Spatial queries and selections

Introduction to Geoprocessing Tools

  • Using the ArcToolbox
  • Common geoprocessing tools
  • Automating tasks with ModelBuilder

Creating Maps

  • Designing map layouts
  • Adding and customizing map elements
  • Exporting and sharing maps

Advanced Visualization Techniques

  • Working with symbology
  • Using labels and annotations
  • Introduction to 3D visualization in ArcGIS

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic understanding of cartography and geographic concepts


  • Geographers
  • Environmental scientists
  • Archaeologists
 14 Hours

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