Course Outline


At the end of this course the student will be able to configure ASA Firewalls to:

  • Allow configuration via console port, telnet and SSH
  • Copy configurations and upgrade OS image.
  • Authenticate users using RADIUS and local authentication.
  • Act as a DHCP Server, Client and Relay.
  • Operate as a Routed or Transparent Firewall.
  • Operate in Failover mode.
  • Support VLANs.
  • Run routing protocols (OSPF and RIP) and exchange routing information with Cisco routers.
  • Support Access Control Lists and content filtering.
  • Support Object Grouping.
  • Establish Internet connections using NAT and PAT.
  • Setup site to site VPN's using IKE and IPSec.
  • Setup Remote Access VPN's using Cisco secure VPN client.
  • Setup Web VPN's
  • Log access-list activity using a syslog server.
  • Send traps to an SNMP Server.
  • Password recovery

Practical Exercises

  • Lab Exercise 1: Basic Configuration of Cisco ASA.
  • Lab Exercise 2: Configure support for VLANs on ASA.
  • Lab Exercise 3: Connectivity via Telnet and Local/RADIUS authentication.
  • Lab Exercise 4: Configure Static and Dynamic routing on ASA.
  • Lab Exercise 5: Filter traffic using Access Control Lists.
  • Lab Exercise 6: Configure NAT on ASA.
  • Lab Exercise 7: Configure VPN's on ASA.
  • Lab Exercise 8: Configure Active/Standby Failover on ASA/Pix.
  • Lab Exercise 9: Password Recovery on Cisco ASA.

Equipment Used in Practical Exercises:

  • 4 Cisco ASA 5505 Firewalls running v8 of the CLI and capable of Active/Standby Failover. Pix 515E firewalls running v8 of the CLI, Cisco routers, switches and hubs as required.


  • Delegates should be familiar with network technologies and have a good understanding of TCP/IP.
  • Previous experience of Cisco IOS would be an advantage.
 28 Hours

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