Course Outline


Palo Alto Networks and Cybersecurity

  • Specifications and platforms used in Palo Alto Networks
  • Palo Alto Networks ecosystem integration

Palo Alto Firewalls

  • Deployment options
  • Firewall behaviors

Overview of Malware

  • Propagating 
  • Non-propagating

Preparing the Virtual Laboratory

  • Configuring an AWS account
  • Configuring a Palo Alto instance in AWS
  • Configuring the Windows-based User-ID agent

Palo Alto Networks Development Environment

  • Implementing basic settings
  • Adding commit changes
  • Managing interface
  • Enabling updates

Security Configuration and Threat Prevention

  • Managing packet flow and traffic
  • Configuring the firewall
  • Setting up dynamic block lists
  • Implementing Palo Alto AntiVirus protection
  • Optimizing data filtering
  • Configuring denial of service protection

Networks and Availability

  • Enabling the Palo Alto firewall as a host server
  • Configuring virtual routers
  • Configuring ports
  • Configuring different IPs

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with information security


  • System administrator
 21 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant