Course Outline

  • Introduction to GIS

  • Installation and Required Packages

  • Introduction to Shapely for Geometric Objects

  • Intro to Pandas and GeoPandas

  • Managing maps and Projections

  • Geocoding and ArcGIS API

  • Geocoding Point in Polygons with GeoPandas

  • Spatial join

  • Data Classification; pysal map classifier

  • Overlay Analysis

  • Aggregating spatial data

  • Geometries simplifications

  • Visualization with Bokeh

    • Static and Interactive Maps

  • Using GIS Applications

    • ArcGIS API usage and processing toolbox

    • Python in QGIS; Processing toolbox & graphical modeller

    • Creating own processing toolbox;

  • Network Analysis and OpenStreetMap

    • Downloading and working with OpenStreetMap data; Osmnx

    • Network analysis in Python; Networkx; Osmnx;

  • Conclusion


A prior experience with Python for Machine Learning and with the libraries like pandas, matplotlib is highly recommended.

 21 Hours

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