Course Outline

Global Best Practice Tools for Better Boards

- Board calendars and agendas that boost workflow.

- What’s missing from your board agenda?

- “Bright ideas” for agendas that deliver better boardwork in less time.

- How the corporate secretary is crucial for good boards.


Tackling Board information flow

- How to halt the board “info flood.”

- Board info pack tips you’ll wonder how you lived without.

- How most board materials guarantee poor oversight.

- Try these tools to improve board presentations.

- Case study – Putting a board portal to work


Online Board meetings and governance

- Lessons learned from two years of remote boards.

- Are you violating your board meeting bylaws (without knowing it)?

- How online governance is reinventing board oversight – best practices.

- Chairing virtual board meetings.


Corporate controls, risk and the board

- Making financial controls “board friendly.”

- Smart use of digital information “dashboards.”

- The board role in shaping company risk strategy.

- Why boards overestimate outside risks (and underestimate inside ones).

- Case study – Weak board meetings and information = Weak governance


 7 Hours

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