Course Outline

What is it really about – trying to define the concept of change

  • Definitions of change
  • ​​What does it mean to manage change?
  • Why all this - about the factors causing the need for changes in the organization
  • How to handle this? - various models of approaches to change in the company

Change is made by people - psychological aspects of change

  • Change – an opportunity or a necessity?
  • About a non-existent terrible dragon - fear and stereotypes about change
  • We are going into battle - preparing people for change
  • The specificity and role of communication in the situation of introducing change

Is this already – when are we ready to change?

  • Really already?????? about internal and external reasons for change
  • Maybe it's better not... about different types of resistance to change, how to recognize them and how to overcome them
  • When we are too afraid - Albee and his model of understanding and reducing stress
  • Pros and cons – when we react to changes positively and when negatively

An organization is like a person - it develops - a proposal for analyzing the development of an organization according to Greiner)

  • Stages of organization development in Greiner's model
  • Change operation manual - tips for those introducing it on how to react and manage in individual phases

Self-motivation, positive attitudes and creativity in the process of introducing and managing change

  • Change begins within us - about recognizing our own emotions, attitudes, attitudes and reactions to change
  • There is always a different way - looking for new solutions in familiar situations

How to do it step by step - i.e. the stages of change management:

  • Establishing the overall organizational goal,
  • Weight and size of the change,
  • Change and the company's organizational culture,
  • Warning signals – the need to identify critical limitations.

Building a change project including:

  • Step by step - division into stages,
  • Who is who – i.e. separation of functions,
  • It may be different - awareness of a possible decrease in motivation,
  • Observation and evaluation - methods of monitoring and measuring results

Leader, lead the way!!! the role of the leader in the change process

  • The role of a leader in the face of change
  • Selection of management tools and styles in a change situation
  • Can everyone be a change leader – competence profile of a change leader

Alone or in a group? – about including employees in the change process – Drucker's model.

  • What we did not expect - about sudden success, failure or external events,
  • The world of imagination and the real world - about the inconsistency of expectations and facts,
  • The process of change as an indicator of the need for innovation
  • Sudden death or a smile of fortune? - changes that surprise everyone.

Effective influence by a change leader

  • How to build trust and acceptance of organizational changes
  • Persuasion, i.e. convincing people to change
  • Influencing people in a change situation - the model of K. Barnes and R. Cialdini


The course is general in nature and participation in it does not require specialist knowledge

 14 Hours

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