Course Outline


  • What is Microsoft Planner and why use it?
  • Microsoft Planner vs other task management tools
  • Microsoft Planner features and architecture
  • Setting up Microsoft Planner

Getting Started

  • Creating and saving a new plan
  • Exploring the user interface and navigation
  • Customizing the plan settings and appearance
  • Adding and removing team members

Task Management

  • Task management concepts and terminology
  • Creating and assigning tasks
  • Adding details and attachments to tasks
  • Updating the task status and progress

Task Organization

  • Task organization concepts and terminology
  • Using boards, charts, and calendars to view and organize tasks
  • Using buckets, labels, and filters to group and sort tasks
  • Using due dates, priorities, and reminders to manage tasks

Task Collaboration

  • Task collaboration concepts and terminology
  • Using Microsoft Planner mobile app to access tasks on the go
  • Collaborating with team members using chat, email, or Teams
  • Integrating Microsoft Planner with other Microsoft 365 apps and services

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic knowledge of project management and teamwork concepts
  • Familiarity with Microsoft 365 apps and services, such as Outlook, Teams, OneNote, etc.


  • Project managers
  • Team leaders
  • Team members
 14 Hours

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